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Die Cast Aluminum Steel RadiatorGLYZ8-8
Die-cast alum radiator with steel core
1. We choose high-quality steel pipes with good anti-corrosion and antioxidant capacity as the core tube. Die-casted with high quality industrial aluminum.
2. The perfectly combined of aluminum and high-quality steel inside pipe so the thermal output increase more than 50% of traditional radiator in unit time.
3. Good compression bearing ability , more suitable to work under high-pressure condition.
4. Beautiful design and advanced spraying technology, tidy and clean while using.
5. Long service life.

MATERIAL Item Type Height  mm  Width    mm Entry and Exit Hold Center Range                mm Fin Rage   mm Working Pressure MPa  Water Volume L/Fin  Connection Pipe Diameter         in Radiation Area       m2/Fin Exotherm Formula    W/Fin Standard Exotherm  W/Fin  Weight kg/Fin
GLYZ8-8/3.5 408 80 350 80 2.0 0.165 1" 0.37 0.514T1.287 109 1.45
GLYZ8-8/5 558 80 500 80 2.0 0.308 1" 0.43 0.699T1.283 146.5 1.75

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