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Shandong Bantal Radiator Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, it is the approved enterprise by the Construction Ministry of State to produce radiator, the outstanding enterprise in radiation field with AAA level, science and technology superiority enterprise of the Construction Ministry, patent star enterprise of Shandong and the high technology and new technology enterprise of Shandong.

ĦĦThe company covers 54,000 m2 area with 21,600 m2 building area and 58 million RMB fixed asset. The company has capacity to produce 10,000 pieces of radiator including radiator in steel columnar, Al press cast, steel-Al alloy, brass-Al alloy and radiator of bath room. It depends on quantity and other conditions.You can order products under your trademark as we do, for example, for Russian companies MOFEM.RU and MOSOBLSANTECHMONTAZH producing radiators under their brand NAMI. 

ĦĦThe product was received well in North China and it also was exported to Russia, Italy, Hungary, Turkey etc..


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