Company Culture

The mission is the philosophy which the enterprise is getting along with people, it is the task which is regulated by social responsibility, voluntarily and development of enterprise. It is the driving force of enterprise, the reason of which enterprise exist. It is composed of economic and social mission.

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The spirit of enterprise is set up on the foundation with common values and faith, has got the special mass-based consciousness of the enterprise, and it shows the intrinsic essence of enterprise concentrative.

Professional, Practical, Development, Dedication

Managing Policy

Managing policy highly generalizes the managing idea of enterprise, it is the principle and direction on managing the enterprise, and it decides the managing mode of enterprise. It is the managing experience of enterprise generally.

  Take technology as guide, strive for outstanding level
  Take HR as root, high efficiency and high quality

Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy is the base enterprise upon, it highly generalized the management idea, and it shows the management principle of enterprise. It decides and forms the management mode of enterprise.

Innovation, Care, Harmony

Ⅴ Motto

The motto guides the action of people, and it is remonstration on morals and living culture which enterprise proposed to employee, especially for leader of enterprise.

Success because of thorough plan

Ⅵ Working Style

Working style is the basic working attitude, action principle of employee to solve all problems, and also it is behavior style of enterprise. Individual working style should keep consistent with enterprise’s working style.

Industrious and strict, Consummate and Gumption, Fast and Nimbly

Ⅶ Marketing Idea

Marketing idea is the basic attitude and principle of which enterprise treats market, it highly generalized the marketing idea of enterprise.

Good Faith and common progress, Market is supreme

Ⅷ Service Idea

Service idea is the way which enterprise treat customer, it highly generalized the feature, style and content of service including the ultimate objective. 

without objection


Company Culture
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