After-sales service
  Our company established after-sale service department and is equiped with personnel. Regularly we train and examine these persons. In January 31--February 2, our company invites marketing specilist to conduct overall systemic training to after-sale persons. We will record all complaint from consumers.
  For all of our products, within two years if it has problems, we guarantee to maintain and exchange. Give reply after receiving calls from consumers and send for problem spot to deal with it as soon as possible. If the problem is caused due to improper use, our company provide service but charge.
  Free of charge, we can design products according to products name, specifications, model, direction of water entrance and exit and silk mouth size provided by consumers.
  All over our countryk, we set up sales offices and service department. We provide free of charge service as long as you buy Mishui brand radiator. service hotline:0536-2322448 service

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After-sales service
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